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Papers in International Journals

Araújo, João; Janusz Konieczny; António Malheiro (2017) Four Notions of Conjugacy for Abstract Semigroups . Proceedings of the Royal Academy of the Edinbourgh Mathematical Society.
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Monteiro, Alexandra; Gouveia, Sónia; Scotto, Manuel; Sorte, Sandra; Gama, Carla; Gianelle, Vorne; Colombi, Cristina; Alves, Célia (2017) Investigating PM10 episodes using levoglucosan as tracer.  Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health.
Hoai, T.V. ; An, P. T. ; Hai, N.N.  (2017) Multiple shooting approach for computing approximately shortest paths on convex polytopes. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics: 317, 235-246.
Araújo, João; Cameron, P. J. (2017) Primitive groups, road closures, and idempotent generation .  .
Morais, M. C.  (2017) ARL-unbiased geometric and CCC_G control charts. Sequential Analysis.
Avelino, Catarina P.; Santos, A. F. (2017) A class of spherical folding subdivisions. Contributions to Discrete Mathematics: 11(2), 79-11.
Teodoro, Filomena; Carla Simão (2017) Completing the Analysis of a Questionnaire about Pediatric Blood Pressure. Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, world scientific eng. acad. soc. : 14, 56-64.
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Araújo, João; Peter J Cameron; Benjamin Steinberg (2017) Between primitive and $2$-transitive: Synchronization and its friends . European Mathematical Society Surveys.
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Weiner, R ; Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Beck, S.; Brud, J. (2017) New third- and fourth-order singly diagonally implicit two-step peer triples with local and global error controls for solving stiff ordinary differential equations. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics: 316, 380-391.
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Gaspar, R.M.; Pimentel, Rita (2017) On swap rate dynamics: to freeze or not to freeze?. International Journal of Computer Mathematics, (in press).
Araújo, João; Kinyon, M. (2017) Decidability and Independence of Conjugacy Problems in Finitely Presented Monoids . submitted.
Tiago, Jorge; Guerra, Telma; Sequeira, Adélia (2017) A velocity tracking approach for the data assimilation problem in blood flow simulations. International Journal of Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, (in press).
Teodoro, Filomena; Carla Simão (2017) Notes about Pediatrics Hypertension Literacy. Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, world scientific eng. acad. soc.: 14, 89-97.
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Morais, M. C. ; Pacheco, António (2016) On hitting times for Markov time series of counts with applications to quality control. REVSTAT: 14, 455-479.
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Helgason, H. ; Kechagias, S. ; Pipiras, Vladas (2016) Convex optimization and feasible circulant matrix embeddings in synthesis of stationary Gaussian fields. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics: 25(4), 1158–1175.
Santra, S.S.; Pinelas, Sandra (2016) Qualitative behaviour for second order nonlinear delay differential equations of neutral type. Global Journal of Mathematics : 8(3).
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Graça, M.M. ; Lima, Pedro M. (2016) On High Order Barycentric Root-Finding Methods. Tendências em Matemática Aplicada e Computacional: 17(3), 321-330.
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Silva, Telma; Sequeira, Adélia; Santos, Rafael F.; Tiago, Jorge (2016) Existence, uniqueness, stability and asymptotic behaviour of solutions for a mathematical model of atherosclerosis. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems: Series S 9, Issue1, 343 - 362.
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Guerra, Manuel; Nunes, Cláudia; Oliveira, Carlos (2016) Exit option for a class of profit functions. International Journal of Computer Mathematics.
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Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Cameron, P. J.; Gordon Royle; Artur Schaefer (2016) Primitive Groups, Graph Endomorphisms and Synchronization. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society: 113, 829--867.
Marchionni, V. ; Cabral, M.; Amado, Conceição; Covas, D. (2016) Estimating water supply infrastructure cost using regression techniques. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management: 142(4).
Avelino, Catarina P.; Bourne, D.; Ferreira, Fátima; Rasteiro, D. ; Santos, J. (2016) Scheduling the repair of aircraft components - a case study. Mathematics-in-Industry Case Studies: 7, 5.
Martinez-Perez, Conchita; Matucci, Francesco; Nucinkis, Brita (2016) Cohomological finiteness conditions and centralisers in generalisations of Thompson's group V. Forum Mathematicum : 28(5), 909-921.
Barbosa, Susana M. ; Gouveia, Sónia ; Scotto, Manuel; Alonso, Andrés M. (2016) Wavelet-based clustering of sea level records. Mathematical Geosciences: 48, 149-162.
Damázio, P.D.; Manholi, P.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2016) L^q-theory of the Kelvin–Voigt equations in bounded domains. Journal of Differential Equations: 260(11), 8242-8260.
Morais, M. C. ; Pacheco, António (2016) On stochastic ordering and control charts for the traffic intensity. Sequential Analysis: 35, 536-559.
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