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Ana Leonor Silvestre

Morada Institucional

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
Av. Rovisco Pais 1
1049-001 LISBOA

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Professora Auxiliar, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa


Análise Aplicada e Numérica

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Análise Numérica e Análise Aplicada

Outra Área

Equações Diferenciais Parciais, Mecânica de Fluidos, Controlo e Problemas Inversos

Doutoramento em Matemática



Artigos em Revistas Internacionais

Silvestre, Ana Leonor; Oliveira, Sérgio (2019) A fluid-structure interaction model for dam-water systems: analytical study and application to seismic behavior. Advances in Mathematical Physics: Volume 2019, Article ID 8083906, 14 pages.
Alves, Carlos J. S.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2018) On the application of the method of fundamental solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements: 92, 267-274.
Hishida, T. ; Silvestre, Ana Leonor; Takahashi, T.  (2017) A boundary control problem for the steady self- propelled motion of a rigid body in a Navier-Stokes fluid. Annales de l’Institut Henri Poincare (C) Non Linear Analysis: 34 (6), 1507-1541.
Damázio, P.D.; Manholi, P.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2016) L^q-theory of the Kelvin–Voigt equations in bounded domains. Journal of Differential Equations: 260(11), 8242-8260.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor; Takahashi, Takeo (2014) The Motion of a Fluid-Rigid Ball System at the Zero Limit of the Rigid Ball Radius. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis: 211(3), 991-1012.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor; Takahashi, Takéo (2012) On the Motion of a Rigid Body with a Cavity Filled with a Viscous Liquid. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A-Mathematics: 142(2), 391-423.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2012) Existence and Uniqueness of Time-Periodic Solutions with Finite Kinetic Energy for the Navier-Stokes Equations in R^3. Nonlinearity: 25(1), 37-55.
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Alves, Carlos J. S.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor; Takahashi, Takeo; Tucsnak, Marius (2009) Solving Inverse Source Problems Using Observability. Applications to the Euler-Bernoulli Plate Equation. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization: 48(3), 1632-1659.
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Alves, Carlos J. S.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2004) On the Determination of Point-Forces on a Stokes System. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation: 66(4-5), 385-397.
Alves, Carlos J. S.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2004) Density Results Using Stokeslets and a Method of Fundamental Solutions for the Stokes Equations. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements: 28(10), 1245-1252.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2004) On the existence of steady flows of a Navier-Stokes liquid around a moving rigid body. Math. Meth. Appl. Sc.: 27, 1399-1409.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2002) On the slow motion of a self-propelled rigid body in a viscous incompressible fluid. J. Math. Anal. Appl.: 274, 203-227.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2002) On the self-propelled motion of rigid body in a viscous liquid and on the attainability . J. Math. Fluid Mech.: 4, 285-326.

Artigos ou Capítulos em Livros Editados

Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2007)  Further results on steady-state flow of a Navier-Stokes liquid around a rigid body. Existence of the wake. .  RIMS Kôkyûroku Bessatsu: B1, 127-143.
Silvestre, Ana Leonor (2002) Strong solutions to the problem of motion of a rigid body in a Navier-Stokes liquid. Nonlinear problems in mathematical physics and related topics I (In honor of Professor O.A. Ladyzhenskaya): Springer US, 121-144.