CEMAT (Center for Computational and Stochastic Mathematics) is a Research Unit of Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa (IST-UL), hosted by the Department of Mathematics and with a research/management Pole at Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa (FC-UL). CEMAT was founded in 1996 with the original name of Center for Applied Mathematics, and later named Center for Mathematics and its Applications.  The Center is funded by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia), Project UID/Multi/04621/2013 and is a member of CIM (International Mathematics Center). Presently, it has 35 PhD Members from several institutions, 19 PhD Students and 41 Collaborators.

Research Areas



CEMAT Research Day

This workshop aims at bringing together CEMAT researchers to discuss their most recent  research findings.

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Implementing Non-Stationary Non-Separable Spacetime Models

In this talk we will briefly introduce models accounting for the correlation over the spacetime domain.We consider recent results for a class of non-separable spacetime models and to outline a computational implementation including a simple way to introduce non-stationa...

Modelling, analysis, observability and identifiability of epidemic dynamics with reinfections

In order to understand if counting the number of reinfections may provide supplementary information on the evolution of an epidemic, we consider in this paper a general SEIRS model describing the dynamics of an infectious disease including latency, waning immunity and i...

Members of the Board

Manuel Scotto (President)  |  Carlota Rebelo Gonçalves (Coordinator of the Scientific Council)

Members of the Executive Committee

Manuel Scotto (President)  |   Carlota Rebelo  |   Conceição Amado  |  Ana Leonor Silvestre (Vice-President)

Members of the International Advisory Board

Alfio Quarteroni (Chair)  |  Ivan Graham  |  Jean-Éric Pin  |  Peter Rousseeuw