Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine

The research activity in this interdisciplinary area aims at developing appropriate mathematical and numerical models for large-scale computational simulations of the human cardiovascular system. Emphasis is given to the setup of physiologically accurate models associated with some vascular diseases built on virtual realistic geometries reconstructed from in vivo medical images, and to the use of highly integrated and efficient numerical algorithms for their simulation at acceptable computational costs. This requires a close collaboration between mathematical and computational scientists, bioengineers, medical researchers and clinicians.

Research is centered on the following main topics:

The main goal will be the development and analysis of mathematical models and algorithms for the computational simulation of problems closely connected to vascular diseases, of clinical relevance, including: interpretation, processing and 3D reconstruction from medical images, progression of cerebral aneurysms, inflammation and thrombosis processes, and electromechanical activity of the heart. These activities will reinforce the longstanding collaboration with bioengineers and medical doctors and will contribute to develop new ones.


Adélia Sequeira

Full Professor, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa