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Telma Andrade Freire Silva

Institutional Address

Universidade de Cabo Verde
Zona K do Palmarejo Grande
Praia, Santiago
Cabo Verde

Phone: +351 964850275 | Email: | Web:


Assistant Professor, Universidade de Cabo Verde


Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine

Principal Area

Mathematical and computational modelling of the cardiovascular system.

Other Area

Numerical analysis of differential equations. Mathematical and numerical modeling in Fluid Mechanics.


  • Advanced Specialization Diploma in Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2013
  • BSc Mathematics, Cape Verde University, Cape Verde, 2008

Papers in International Journals

Papers or Chapters in Edited Books

Papers in National Scientific Journals


a. Mathematical modeling of atherosclerotic plaque formation coupled with a non-Newtonian modelo of blood flow (22/04/2013) CVIM2013, Universidade de Cabo Verde, Cape Verde (Contributed Talk)