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Papers in International Journals

Ramos, Patrícia F.; Morais, M. C. ; Pacheco, António; Schmid, W. (2016) On the misleading signals in simultaneous schemes for the mean vector and covariance matrix of multivariate i.i.d. output. Statistical Papers: 57, 471-498.
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Gouveia, Sónia ; Scotto, Manuel; Pinna, Gian Domenico; Maestri, Roberto; La Rovere, Maria Teresa ; Ferreira, Paulo J.S.G.  (2015) Spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity for risk stratification of heart failure patients: optimal cutoff and age effects.. Clinical Science: 129, 1163-1172.
Antunes, Nelson; Jacinto, G.; Pacheco, António (2015) Hop Count Distributions of the Furthest and Nearest Distance Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics: 75(2), 335–349.
Harvey, D. ; Kitching, T. D.; Noah-Vanhoucke, J.; Hamner, B.; Salimans, T.; Pires, Ana M. (2014) Observing Dark Worlds: A crowdsourcing experiment for dark matter mapping. Astronomy and Computing: 5, 35–44.
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Branco, Luis Pinheiro ; Gomes, António Topa ; Cardoso, António Silva ; Santos-Pereira, Carla  (2014) Natural Variability of Shear Strength in a Granite Residual Soil from Porto. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering: 32(4), 911-922.
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Morais, M. C. ; Ramos, Patrícia F.; Pacheco, António; Schmid, W. (2014) On the impact of falsely assuming i.i.d. output in the probability of misleading signals. REVSTAT – Statistical Journal: 12(3), 221-245.
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Reis, P.; Canto e Castro, L.; Dias, Sandra; Gomes, M. I. (2013) Penultimate Approximations in Statistics of Extremes and Reliability of Large Coherent Systems. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability.
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