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Finite semigroups that are minimal for not being Malcev nilpotent

11/04/2014 Sexta-feira, 11 de Abril de 2014, 15h30m, Sala B2-01 
M. Hossein Shahzamanian C. (Centro de Matemática da Universidade do Porto)
Institute for Interdisciplinary Research - University of Lisbon

Malcev and independently Neumann and Taylor have shown that nilpotent groups can be defined by using semigroup identities, This leads to the notion of a nilpotent semigroup (in the sense of Malcev). In this talk finite semigroups that are close to being nilpotent will be investigated. Obviously every finite semigroup that is not nilpotent has a subsemigroup that is minimal for not being nilpotent, i.e. every proper subsemigroup and every Rees factor semigroup is nilpotent. It is called a minimal non-nilpotent semigroup.