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Performance Analysis of a GPS Equipment

Teodoro, Filomena; Fernando M. Gonçalves; Anacleto Correia

A publicar em Recent Studies in Risk Analysis and Statistical Modeling. Teresa Oliveira, Christos Kitsos, Amilcar Oliveiraand Luís M. Grilo (edts). Contributions to Statistics serie, Springer

In emerging economies the easiest way to ensure the geodetic support still is the static relative positioning (SRP) using a single reference station. This technique provides surveyors the ability to determine the 3D coordinates of a new point with centimeter-level accuracy. The objective of this work is to evaluate GPS SRP regarding accuracy, as the equivalent of a real time kinematic (RTK) network and to address the practicality of using either a continuously operating reference stations (CORS) or a passive control point for providing accurate positioning control. The precision of an observed 3D relative position between two global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) antennas, and how it depends on the distance between these antennas and on the duration of the observing session, was studied. We analyze the performance of the software for each of the six chosen ranges of length in each of the four scenarios created, considering different intervals of observation time. An intermediate inference level technique [16], an analysis of variance, establishes the evidence of relation between observing time and baseline length.