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Almost factorizable weakly ample semigroups

Gomes, Gracinda M. S.; Maria B. Szendrei

Communications in Algebra, 35 (11) (2007), 3503-3523

An appropriate generalization of the notion of permissible sets of inverse semigroups is found within the class of weakly ample semigroups that allows us to introduce the notion of an almost left factorizable weakly ample semigroup in a way analogous to the inverse case. The class of almost left factorizable weakly ample semigroups is proved to coincide with the class of all (idempotent separating) (2,1,1)-homomorphic images of semigroups W(T,Y)
where Y is a semilattice, T is a
unipotent monoid acting on Y and W(T,Y) is a
well-defined subsemigroup in the respective semidirect
product that appeared in the structure theory of left ample monoids more than ten years ago. Moreover, the semigroups W(T,Y) are characterized to be, up to isomorphism, just the proper and almost left
factorizable weakly ample semigroups.