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Study About Pediatric Hypertension in Lisboa and Vale do Tejo Region

Teodoro, Filomena; Simão, Carla

Computationl Scieneces and Applications, LNCS, Springer, LNCS, Springer,11621 (2019), 111-121

The pediatric high blood pressure has severe risk factors and it’s prevention is mandatory. To evaluate the pediatric arterial hypertension caregivers Knowledge,in[1,2]wasdoneapreliminarystudyofanexperimentalandsimple questionnaire with 5 questions previously introduced in [3]. The analysis of an improvedquestionnaireapplied tochildrencaregiversand ?lledonlinewascompleted in [4,5]. In [6], was performed an analysis of variance as a preliminary approach where the authors obtain estimates about the childhood hypertension prevalence in several regions of Portugal, using a sample collected during the hypertension day activities. The same study [6] evidences signi?cant differences on high blood pressure prevalence between girls and boys; also the children’s age is a signi?cant issue to take into consideration. Actually, in present work we obtain similar results using ANOVA techniques and more complex methods, for example general linear models and mixed models between others, considering a sample from metropolitan zone of Lisboa and Vale do Tejo (LVT).