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Notes about Pediatrics Hypertension Literacy

Teodoro, Filomena; Carla Simão

Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, world scientific eng. acad. soc., 14 (2017), 89-97

Pediatric hypertension (PH) is an important public health problem with multiple problems on the health of children and adults. It is an important issue that health professionals and family members have awareness of PH existence, the negative consequences associated with it, the risk factors and it prevention. Its expected the knowledge about this pathology increases with the level of education of the family members. To investigate the caregivers knowledge degree about PH and to check if the assessment of PA in health regular consultations is an usual practice, an experimental questionnaire was built with the aim of easy and quick answers. The statistical analysis and modeling of such questionnaire by Generalized Linear Model (GLM), took into account the presence of dichotomous data, discrete models which are usually estimated by logistic or probit regression. This approach can be found in [19, 20] where each statistical significant question was modeled separately. Continuing such approach and exploring the idea of simplicity and reduced dimensionality, a factor analysis was applied and a multivariate analysis of variance was performed considering as dependent variables the obtained factors by exploratory factor analysis (EFA) as dependent variables. The results are consistent with the ones presented in [19, 20].