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Empirical Study of Air Quality in Barreiro City

Garcia, J.N.; Teodoro, Filomena; Coelho, L.M.; Carvalho, M.G.

Proceedings of the International Conference Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering (ICMMSE 2014), 4-7 April, Athens, (2014),

The main objective of the work is to study the impact of air pollution on children's health in Portugal and more specifically in the city of Barreiro. We use the suitability of general linear methods (GLM) as a tool to estimate a model which relates air qualityand health. With detail, this relationship is investigated for the case of the effects of small particles on health. It was difficult to find clear and unambiguous correlations in particle dispersion, air quality and health. After a previous treatment of data, the models are estimated and validated by GLM. At the end of this process, the best models are selected using validation tests and residual analysis. The results are promising but some work using different statistical methods is ongoing.