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Detecting Internet-Scale Traffic Redirection Attacks Using Latent Class Models

Subtil, Ana; Oliveira, M. Rosário; Valadas, Rui; Pacheco, António; Salvador, Paulo

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 942 (2020), 370-380

Traffic redirection attacks based on BGP route hijacking has been an increasing concern in Internet security worldwide. This paper addresses the statistical detection of traffic redirection attacks based on the RTT data collected by a network of probes spread all around the world. Specifically, we use a Latent Class Model to combine the decisions of individual probes on whether an Internet site is being attacked, and use supervised learning methods to perform the probe decisions. We evaluate the methods in a large number of scenarios, and compare them with an empirically adjusted heuristic. Our method achieves very good performance, superior to the heuristic one. Moreover, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the merits of the Latent Class Model approach.