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Impact of next-generation wireless networks requirements on teletraffic modeling

Antunes, Nelson; Rocha, R.; Pinto, P.; Pacheco, António

Interoperable Communication Network, 1(2-4) (1998), 706-715

The growing usage of the current mobile
communication networks is leading to the
definition of new and more powerful systems
which will have a larger number of user services.
The addition of new services will impose different
requirements making the overall QoS management
a complex task. Modeling techniques can be
valuable to assess the technological choices that
have to be made and to help in the design,
planning and overall management of the network.
Unfortunately, current modeling techniques do not take into consideration the richness of the new
requirements and new models have to be applied.
This paper makes a survey on the limitations of
some of the most relevant existing modeling
techniques in face of the new requirements. The
paper identifies the main characteristics that the
new models must have to better describe the next
generation wireless networks. Some possible
approaches are outlined.