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Probabilistic situation calculus

Mateus, P. ; Pacheco, António; Pinto, J. Pinto; Sernadas, A.; Sernadas, C.

Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 32(1/4) (2001), 393-43

In this article we propose a Probabilistic Situation Calculus logical language to represent and reason with knowledge about dynamic worlds in which actions have uncertain effects. Uncertain effects are modeled by dividing an action into two subparts: a deterministic (agent produced) input and a probabilistic reaction (produced by nature). We assume that the probabilities of the reactions have known distributions.

Our logical language is an extension to Situation Calculae in the style proposed by Raymond Reiter. There are three aspects to this work. First, we extend the language in order to accommodate the necessary distinctions (e.g., the separation of actions into inputs and reactions). Second, we develop the notion of Randomly Reactive Automata in order to specify the semantics of our Probabilistic Situation Calculus. Finally, we develop a reasoning system in MATHEMATICA capable of performing temporal projection in the Probabilistic Situation Calculus.