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A Markov renewal based model for wireless networks

Antunes, Nelson; Pacheco, António; Rocha, R.

Queueing Systems. Theory and Applications, 40 (2002), 247-281

We propose a queueing network model which can be used for the integration of the mobility and teletraffic aspects that are characteristic of wireless networks. In the general case, the model is an open network of infinite server queues where customers arrive according to a non-homogeneous Poisson process. The movement of a customer in the network is described by a Markov renewal process. Moreover, customers have attributes, such as a teletraffic state, that are driven by continuous time Markov chains and, therefore, change as they move through the network. We investigate the transient and limit number of customers in disjoint sets of nodes and attributes. These turn out to be independent Poisson random variables. We also calculate the covariances of the number of customers in two sets of nodes and attributes at different time epochs. Moreover, we conclude that the arrival process per attribute to a node is the sum of independent Poisson cluster processes and derive its univariate probability generating function. In addition, the arrival process to an outside node of the network is a non-homogeneous Poisson process. We illustrate the applications of the queueing network model and the results derived in a particular wireless network.