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An integrated traffic model for multimedia wireless networks

Antunes, Nelson; Pacheco, António; Rocha, R.

Computer Networks, 38(1) (2002), 25-41

Multimedia wireless networks are seen today as one of the key factors for the success of the global communication infrastructure in the near future. Such networks will have to handle a range of heterogeneous traffic classes with different QoS requirements. Their design, planning and control must be supported by suitable traffic models capable of dealing with a new set of constraints where QoS management and mobility play an important role.

This paper proposes a traffic model for a cellular multimedia wireless network characterized by the integration of mobility and traffic management aspects. User mobility is modeled through a Markov renewal process, which allows for non-exponential cell residence times and may restrict the user mobility to existent paths in the system. A Markov-modulated fluid process is used to describe the changes in the bandwidth requirements of each mobile over the duration of its calls, including the periods where the mobile is inactive (without call).

Based on the proposed model, the number of mobiles per class of traffic in a cell and the handoff processes are characterized. System performance results, such as new and handoff call blocking probabilities, for network planning are derived. Also, the distribution of the required capacity in a short time interval for network control is obtained. Simulations were carried out to validate the analytical results. The comparisons have shown that the integrated model may be regarded as a good basis to build useful teletraffic engineering tools for multimedia wireless networks.