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Nearest Neighbor Connectivity in Two-Dimensional Multihop MANETs

Jacinto, G.; Antunes, Nelson; Pacheco, António

New Advances in Statistical Modeling and Applications, Springer-Verlag (2014), 85-94

A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is characterized to be a network with free, cooperative, and dynamic nodes, self-organized in a random topology, without any kind of infrastructure, where the communication between two nodes usually occurs using multihop paths. The number of hops used in the multihop path is an important metric for the design and performance analysis of routing protocols in MANETs. In this paper, we derive the probability distribution of the hop count of a multihop path between a source node and a destination node, fixed at a known distance from each other, and when a fixed number of nodes are uniformly distributed in a region of interest. This distribution is obtained by the Poisson randomization method. To obtain the multihop path, we propose a novel routing model in which the nearest distance routing protocol (NR) is analyzed. Numerical results are obtained to evaluate the performance of the NR.