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Analytically Explicit Results for the Gi/c-Msp/1/infinity Queueing System Using Roots

Chaudhry, M. L.; Samanta, S. K.; Pacheco, António

Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 26(2) (2012), 221-244

In this paper, we present (in terms of roots) a simple closed-form analysis for evaluating system-length distribution at prearrival epochs of the GI/C-MSP/1 queue. The proposed analysis is based on roots of the associated characteristic equation of the vector-generating function of system-length distribution. We also provide the steady-state system-length distribution at an arbitrary epoch by using the classical argument based on Markov renewal theory. The sojourn-time distribution has also been investigated. The prearrival epoch probabilities have been obtained using the method of roots which is an alternative approach to the matrix-geometric method and the spectral method. Numerical aspects have been tested for a variety of arrival- and service-time distributions and a sample of numerical outputs is presented. The proposed method not only gives an alternative solution to the existing methods, but it is also analytically simple, easy to implement, and computationally efficient. It is hoped that the results obtained will prove beneficial to both theoreticians and practitioners.