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Applying the Method of Fundamental Solutions to Harmonic Problems with Singular Boundary Conditions

Valtchev, Svilen S. ; Alves, Carlos J. S.

AIP Proceedings of the ICNAAM 2016, 1836 (2017), 560020

The method of fundamental solutions (MFS) is known to produce highly accurate numerical results for elliptic boundary value problems (BVP) with smooth boundary conditions, posed in analytic domains. However, due to the analyticity of the shape functions in its approximation basis, the MFS is usually disregarded when the boundary functions possess singularities. In this work we present a modification of the classical MFS which can be applied for the numerical solution of the Laplace BVP with Dirichlet boundary conditions exhibiting jump discontinuities. In particular, a set of harmonic functions with discontinuous boundary traces is added to the MFS basis. The accuracy of the proposed method is compared with the results form the classical MFS.