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A 3D model for mechanistic control of drug release

Gudiño, Elias; Grassi, Mario; Ferreira, José A.; De Oliveira, Paula

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 74(3) (2014), 620-633

A three-dimensional mathematical model for sorption/desorption by a cylindrical polymeric matrix with dispersed drug is proposed. The model is based on a system of partial differential equations coupled with boundary conditions over a moving boundary. We assume that the penetrant diffuses into a swelling matrix and causes a deformation, which induces a stress-driven diffusion and consequently a non-Fickian mass flux. A physically sound nonlinear dependence between strain and penetrant concentration is considered and introduced in a Boltzmann integral with a kernel computed from a Maxwell-Wiechert model. Numerical simulations show how the mechanistic behavior can have a role in drug delivery design.