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When is the commutant of a Bol loop a subloop?

Kinyon, M.; Phillips, J. D.; Vojtechovsky, P.

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 360(5) (2008), 2393-2408

A left Bol loop is a loop satisfying . The commutant of a loop is the set of elements which commute with all elements of the loop. In a finite Bol loop of odd order or of order , odd, the commutant is a subloop. We investigate conditions under which the commutant of a Bol loop is not a subloop. In a finite Bol loop of order relatively prime to , the commutant generates an abelian group of order dividing the order of the loop. This generalizes a well-known result for Moufang loops. After describing all extensions of a loop such that is in the left and middle nuclei of the resulting loop, we show how to construct classes of Bol loops with a non-subloop commutant. In particular, we obtain all Bol loops of order with a non-subloop commutant.