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Is human life limited or unlimited? (A discussion of the paper by Holger Rootzén and Dmitrii Zholud)

Ferreira, Ana; Huang, Fei

Extremes, 21(3) (2018), 373-382

We thank Holger Rootz\'en and Dmitrii Zholud's for their stimulating work, that led us to further investigate the problem of best fitting the human life span distribution. Their assertion ``human life in unlimited but short" is based on their conclusion that the exponential model is the best to fit. We provide results based on standard Extreme Value approaches, the Block Maxima and Peaks-over-Threshold, and on the whole data available in the IDL database (IDL A, B validations and GRG). We verify that negative values for the extreme value index are more likely, supporting the conclusion that models with finite endpoint seem better to fit to the human life span distribution.