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Numerical modeling of cardiovascular physiology. Study of dynamic changes during autonomic reflexes

Apura, J.; Tiago, Jorge; Sequeira, Adélia; Rosário, Luís Brás

Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., IFMBE Proceedings, 65 (2018), 278-281
DO I: 10.1007/978-981-10-5122-7_70

In this paper, we present a computational software to analyze simultaneous left ventricle (LV) pressure and vol-ume measurements that takes full advantage of the single-beat method. LV pressure and volume data may be combined to con-struct pressure-volume (PV) loops, which enables the extraction of valuable parameters for LV and arterial physiologic function assessment, in particular LV systolic and diastolic performance, mechanical energies and ef?ciency. Using this software, we analyzed instantaneous and dynamic hemodynamic changes in vivo in rabbits during acute cardiov ascular perturbations produced by 1) cardiac barore?ex, 2) arterial chemore?ex, and 3) von Bezold-Jarisch re?ex. This paper reports results of this analysis.