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A semi-analytical boundary collocation solver for the inverse Cauchy problems in heat conduction under 3D FGMs with heat source

Xi, Qiang; Fu, Zhuojia; Alves, Carlos J. S.; Ji, Hongli

Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals, 76(5) (2019), 311-327

In this paper, the inverse Cauchy problems in heat conduction under 3D functionally graded materials (FGMs) with heat source are solved by using a semi-analytical boundary collocation solver. In the present semi-analytical solver, the combined boundary particle method and regularization technique is employed to deal with ill-pose inverse Cauchy problems. The domain mapping method and variable transformation are introduced to derive the high-order general solutions satisfying the heat conduction equation of 3D FGMs. Thanks to these derived high-order general solutions, the proposed scheme can only require the boundary discretization to recover the solutions of the heat conduction equations with a heat source. The regularization technique is used to eliminate the effect of the noisy measurement data on the accessible boundary surface of 3D FGMs. The efficiency of the proposed solver for inverse Cauchy problems is verified under several typical benchmark examples related to 3D FGM with specific spatial variations (quadratic, exponential and trigonometric functions).