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Workshop on Modeling and Simulations of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer

13/11/2017 November, 13 -15, 2017. 

Academy of Sciences, Lisbon

According to the most recent statistics, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the major causes of death in developed countries, with a significant impact in the cost and overall status of healthcare.

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the patho-physiology and treatment of these diseases are matters of the greatest importance around the world. This gives a key impulse to the progress in mathematical and numerical modeling of the associated complex phenomena governed by multiscale heterogeneous physical laws, integrating the knowledge of all their complex environmental, life style, ageing and genetic components into robust and fully reliable computer models and in silico settings.

To face this challenge, the emerging integrative multidisciplinary research approach that involves interactions between different disciplines such as computational sciences, mathematics, biology and medicine is therefore of major significance. The final goal is to setup patient-specific models and simulations incorporating data and measurements taken from each single patient, that will be able to predict results of medical diagnosis and therapeutic planning with reasonable accuracy and using non-invasive means.

This is a CoLab Workshop organized as an initiative of the UT Austin | Portugal Program that follows a series of events to reinforce the Portuguese competences in Computational Medicine and Biomathematics. The Workshop provides a place to exchange recent developments, discoveries and progresses in this challenging research field. The main goal is to bring together doctoral candidates, postdoctoral scientists and graduates interested in the field, giving them the opportunity to make scientific interactions and new connections with established experts in the interdisciplinary topics covered by the event, including medical researchers. Another important goal of the Workshop is to promote collaboration between members of the different areas of the UT Austin | Portugal community.