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Implementing Non-Stationary Non-Separable Spacetime Models (30/05/2022)
Modelling, analysis, observability and identifiability of epidemic dynamics with reinfections (05/05/2022)
Spatial modelling and mapping of urban fire occurrence in Portugal (27/04/2022)
Conex-Connect: Learning Patterns in Extremal Brain Connectivity From Multi-Channel EEG Data (09/02/2022)
Spatiotemporal modeling of extreme-wildfire risk (26/01/2022)
On Integer-valued GARCH Modeling (20/01/2022)
Zipf Extensions and Their Applications for Modeling the Degree Sequences of Real Networks (13/01/2022)
Rainfall Extremes (15/12/2021)
Climate Session (15/12/2021)
Dense classes of multivariate extreme value distributions (17/11/2021)
Dense classes of multivariate extreme value distributions (17/11/2021)
Dengue outbreak mitigation via instant releases (10/11/2021)
Minimizing epidemic final size through social distancing (27/10/2021)
Predator-prey dynamics with hunger structure (22/09/2021)
Modelling and prediction in recurrent time-to-event sports injury data: a penalized Cox regression approach (22/09/2021)
Extreme value threshold selection and uncertainty (14/07/2021)
Mathematical Models in Epidemiology. The COVID-19 case. (26/05/2021)
Detecting tail probabilities (12/05/2021)
Diagnostic Tools to Conditional Density Models (12/05/2021)
Some results on predator-prey and competitive population dynamics (28/04/2021)
Applications and Extensions of the Iterated Local Search (15/04/2021)
A nonparametric estimator of the extremal index (08/04/2021)
Modelling dependence between observed and simulated wind speed data using copulas (12/03/2021)
Bayesian state-space models for understanding and managing infectious disease challenges (25/02/2021)
Understanding the dynamics of co-colonization systems with multiple strains (17/02/2021)
Extremal behaviour and rare events point processes for chaotic dynamical systems (10/02/2021)
News from the Max-INAR(1) process for time series of counts (13/01/2021)
Gradient boosting for extreme quantile regression (09/12/2020)
Extremes modelling of imputed missing data under a periodic control (12/11/2020)
Gielis Transformations in mathematics, the natural sciences and technological applications (11/11/2020)
From high dimensional space to a random low dimensional space (01/10/2020)
Modelling the transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal (30/09/2020)
An alternative stabilization in numerical simulations of Oldrod-B type fluids (30/07/2020)
COVID, uncertainty and clinical trials (23/07/2020)
Exact solution for a Benney-Lin equation type (Gain in Regularity) (23/07/2020)
Elements of Bayesian geometry (16/07/2020)
LassoNet: A Neural Network with Feature Sparsity (09/07/2020)
Investment problem with switching modes (18/06/2020)
Quasi-analytical solution of an investment problem with decreasing investment cost due to technological innovations (28/05/2020)
Very high-order finite volume schemes with curved domains (14/05/2020)
On ARL-unbiased charts to monitor the traffic intensity of a single server queue (14/05/2020)
Equational theories of endomorphism monoids of categories with a topological flavor (26/03/2020) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
On ARL-unbiased charts to monitor the traffic intensity of a single server queue (19/03/2020)
A new look at permutation groups of simple diagonal type (21/02/2020) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Gaussian Process Regression for Animation Rig Towards the Face Model (09/01/2020)
Extreme Value Theory applied to Longevity of Humans (19/11/2019)
Renormalized transport of inertial particles (16/10/2019)
A LASSO-type model for the bulk and tail of a heavy-tailed response (15/10/2019)
First Come, First Served Queues with Two Classes of Impatient Customers (26/09/2019)
Canonical extensions of lattices are more than perfect (09/09/2019) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa