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Robust Tests for the Common Principal Components Model

Boente, Graciela; Pires, Ana M.; Rodrigues, Isabel M.

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 139(4) (2009), 1332-1347

When dealing with several populations, the common principal components (CPC) model assumes equal principal axes but different variances along them. In this paper, a robust log-likelihood ratio statistic allowing to test the null hypothesis of a CPC model versus no restrictions on the scatter matrices is introduced. The proposal plugs into the classical log-likelihood ratio statistic robust scatter estimators. Using the same idea, a robust log-likelihood ratio and a robust Wald-type statistic for testing proportionality against a CPC model are considered. Their asymptotic distributions under the null hypothesis and their partial influence functions are derived. A small simulation study allows to compare the behavior of the classical and robust tests, under normal and contaminated data.