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Analysis of GI/M/s/c queues using uniformization

Ferreira, Fátima; Pacheco, António

Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 51(2) (2006), 291-304

We combine uniformisation, a powerful numerical technique for the analysis of continuous time Markov chains, with the Markov chain embedding technique to analyze GI/M/s/c queues. The main steps of the proposed approach are the computation of
the mixed-Poisson probabilities associated to the number of arrival epochs in the uniformising Poisson process between consecutive customer arrivals to the system; and
the conditional embedded uniformised transition probabilities of the number of customers in the queueing system immediately before customer arrivals to the system.

To show the performance of the approach, we analyze queues with Pareto interarrival times using a stable recursion for the associated mixed-Poisson probabilities whose computation time is linear in the number of computed coefficients. The results for queues with Pareto interarrival times are compared with those obtained for queues with other interarrival time distributions, including exponential, Erlang, uniform and deterministic interarrival times. The obtained results show that much higher loss probabilities and mean waiting times in queue may be obtained for queues with Pareto interarrival times than for queues with the other mentioned interarrival time distributions, specially for small traffic intensities.