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A new parallel solver suited for arbitrary semilinear parabolic partial differential equations based on generalized random trees

Acebron, Juan; Rodriguez-Rozas, A.

Journal of Computational Physics, 230(21) (2011), 7891-7909

A probabilistic representation for initial value semilinear parabolic problems based on generalized random trees has been derived. Two different strategies have been proposed, both requiring generating suitable random trees combined with a Pade approximant for approximating accurately a given divergent series. Such series are obtained by summing the partial contribution to the solution coming from trees with arbitrary number of branches. The new representation greatly expands the class of problems amenable to be solved probabilistically, and was used successfully to develop a generalized probabilistic domain decomposition method. Such a method has been shown to be suited for massively parallel computers, enjoying full scalability and fault tolerance. Finally, a few numerical examples are given to illustrate the remarkable performance of the algorithm, comparing the results with those obtained with a classical method.