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Trapping of Water Waves by Freely Floating Structures in a Channel

Nazarov, Sergey A.; Videman, J. H.

Proceedings of the Royal Society A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering, 467(2136) (2011), 3613-3632

This article is concerned with the existence of rigid freely floating structures capable of supporting trapped modes (time-harmonic water waves of finite energy in an unbounded domain). Under the usual assumptions of linear water-wave theory, a condition guaranteeing the existence of trapped modes is derived, and structures satisfying this geometric condition are shown to exist in a three-dimensional water channel. The sufficient condition arises from the application of variational principles to a conveniently formulated linear spectral problem, the main effort being the construction of a reduction scheme that turns the quadnic operator pencil associated with the original coupled system into a linear self-adjoint spectral problem. An example of floating bodies supporting at least four trapped modes is given.