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Completing the Analysis of a Questionnaire about Pediatric Blood Pressure

Teodoro, Filomena; Carla Simão

Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, world scientific eng. acad. soc. , 14 (2017), 56-64

Pediatric arterial hypertension is a highly prevalent, silent, and perhaps because of this, under-diagnosed in most cases, with multiple repercussions on the health of children and adults. It is imperative that health professionals and family members be aware of HBP existence, the negative consequences associated with it, the risk factors and it prevention. Its expected the knowledge about this pathology increases with the level of education of the family members. A simple questionnaire was built with the aim of easy and quick answers. We can establish that, despite not rejecting the questionnaire in terms of internal consistency, it needs some improvement, for example, reformulation of some questions. The estimated models by GLM have reasonable explication of the data. Exploring the binary outcome issue, we extend this approach using GLMM, specifically, mixed logistics models. The process was unsuccessful, the algorithm did not converge. In [14] can be found a statistical data analysis using partial questionnaire’s information. The present article completes such statistical approach estimating a model by Generalized Linear Models (GLM) for relevant remaining questions of questionnaire. Exploring the binary outcome issue, we intend to extend this approach using Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMM), but the process is still ongoing.