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Global Error Estimation and Control in Linearly-Implicit Parallel Two-Step Peer W-Methods

Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Weiner, R.

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 236(6) (2011), 1226-1239

The class of linearly-implicit parallel two-step peer W-methods has been designed recently for efficient numerical solutions of stiff ordinary differential equations. Those schemes allow for parallelism across the method, that is an important feature for implementation on modern computational devices. Most importantly, all stage values of those methods possess the same properties in terms of stability and accuracy of numerical integration. This property results in the fact that no order reduction occurs when they are applied to very stiff problems. In this paper, we develop parallel local and global error estimation schemes that allow the numerical solution to be computed for a user-supplied accuracy requirement in automatic mode. An algorithm of such global error control and other technical particulars are also discussed here. Numerical examples confirm efficiency of the presented error estimation and stepsize control algorithm on a number of test problems with known exact solutions, including nonstiff, stiff, very stiff and large-scale differential equations. A comparison with the well-known stiff solver RODAS is also shown.