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Influence of blood rheology and outflow boundary conditions in numerical simulations of cerebral aneurysms

Ramalho, S.; Moura, Alexandra; Gambaruto, A. M.; Sequeira, Adélia

Mathematical Methods and Models in Biomedicine, Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modelling in the Life Sciences, Springer, New York, (2013), 149-175

Disease in human physiology is often related to cardiovascular mechanics. Impressively, strokes are one of the leading causes of death in developed countries, and they might occur as a result of an aneurysm rupture, which is a sudden event in the majority of cases. On the basis of several autopsy and angiography series, it is estimated that 0.4–6 % of the general population harbors one or more intracranial aneurysms, and on average the incidence of an aneurysmal rupture is of 10 per 100,000 population per year, with tendency to increase in patients with multiple aneurysms [14, 20].