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Scattering by Cracks: Numerical Simulations Using a Boundary Finite Element Method

Alves, Carlos J. S.; Pereira, B; Serranho, Pedro

Boundary Elements XXIV: Incorporating Meshless Solutions (Ed. Breebia, CA et Al.). Advances in Boundary Elements Series. ISBN:1-85312-914-3 , 13 (2002), 35-44

We present several simulations of the amplitude scattered by acoustic cracks in the resonance region. The results are obtained with a boundary element method applied to a variational formulation derived from the double layer potential. Simulations on the far field patterns allow to characterize some information on the shape of the scattering obstacle. We include the case of non planar cracks in the three dimensional case, presenting several examples where it becomes clear the good convergence of the method. Moreover, we show that even with sparse meshes the method is able to give a global feature of the far field pattern of the scattered wave.