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Density Results Using Stokeslets and a Method of Fundamental Solutions for the Stokes Equations

Alves, Carlos J. S.; Silvestre, Ana Leonor

Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements, 28(10) (2004), 1245-1252

In this paper we establish new density results for the trace spaces H-1/2(partial derivativeOhm) and H-n(1/2)(partial derivativeOhm) := {v is an element of H-1/2 (partial derivativeOhm) : integral(partial derivativeOhm) v.n = 0} in terms of Stokeslets, fundamental solutions of the Stokes equations. Such density results are used to choose basis functions in the Method of Fundamental Solutions (MFS) for solving boundary value problems for the Stokes equations. Numerical simulations for the two-dimensional Dirichlet problem using this MFS method are presented. (C) 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.