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Full Identification of Acoustic Sources with Multiple Frequencies and Boundary Measurements

Alves, Carlos J. S.; Martins, Nuno F. M.; Roberty, Nilson C.

Inverse Problems and Imaging, 3(2) (2009), 275-294

In this paper we study the identification of acoustic sources in a domain Omega from boundary data. With a single frequency, we show that identification is possible if, besides the boundary data, considerable information regarding the type of the source is considered. For the general case, we present an identification result using multiple frequencies and boundary measurements. We show that for compactly supported sources in Omega, the completion of Cauchy data has at most one solution and thus for this type of sources, identification is possible using variable frequencies and incomplete boundary measurements. A numerical method based on the reciprocity functional is proposed and tested for several numerical examples. For compact sources, a data completion method is proposed and tested in order to apply the previous method.