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Identification of periodic and cyclic fractional stable motions

Pipiras, Vladas; Taqqu, M.S.

Annales de L'Institute Henry Poincare, 44 (2008), 612-637

We consider an important subclass of self-similar, non-Gaussian stable processes with stationary increments known as self-similar stable mixed moving averages. As previously shown by the authors, following the seminal approach of Jan Rosi´nski, these processes can be related to nonsingular flows through their minimal representations. Different types of flows give rise to different classes of self-similar mixed moving averages, and to corresponding general decompositions of these processes. Selfsimilar
stable mixed moving averages related to dissipative flows have already been studied, as well as processes associated with identity flows which are the simplest type of conservative flows. The focus here is on self-similar stable mixed moving averages related to periodic and cyclic flows. Periodic flows are conservative flows such that each point in the space comes back to its initial position in finite time, either positive or null. The flow is cyclic if the return time is positive. Self-similar mixed moving averages are called periodic, resp. cyclic, fractional stable motions if their minimal representations are generated by periodic, resp. cyclic, flows. In practice, however, minimal representations are not particularly easy to determine and, moreover, self-similar stable mixed moving averages are often defined by nonminimal representations. We therefore provide a way which is not based on flows, to detect whether these processes are periodic or cyclic even if their representations are nonminimal. These identification results lead naturally to a decomposition of self-similar stable mixed moving averages which includes the new classes of periodic and cyclic fractional stable motions, and hence is more refined than the one previously established.