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Small and large scale asymptotics of some Levy stochastic integrals

Pipiras, Vladas; Taqqu, M. S.

Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 10 (2008), 299-314

We provide general conditions for normalized, time-scaled stochastic integrals of independently scattered, Lévy random measures to converge to a limit. These integrals appear in many applied problems, for example, in connection to models for Internet traffic, where both large scale and small scale asymptotics are considered. Our result is a handy tool for checking such convergence. Numerous examples are provided as illustration. Somewhat surprisingly, there are examples where rescaling towards large times scales yields a Gaussian limit and where rescaling towards small time scales yields an infinite variance stable limit, and there are examples where the opposite occurs: a Gaussian limit appears when one converges towards small time scales and an infinite variance stable limit occurs when one converges towards large time scales.