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A meshfree method with domain decomposition for Helmholtz boundary value problems

Valtchev, Svilen S.

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Control Systems, Mathematical Modeling, Automation and Energy Efficiency (SUMMA), (2020), 139--144

In the framework of meshfree methods, we address the numerical solution of boundary value problems (BVP) for the non-homogeneous modified Helmholtz partial differential equation (PDE). In particular, the unknown solution of the BVP is calculated in two steps. First, a particular solution of the PDE is approximated by superposition of plane wave functions with different wavenumbers and directions of propagation. Then, the corresponding homogeneous BVP is solved, for the homogeneous part of the solution, using the classical method of fundamental solutions (MFS). The combination of these two meshfree techniques shows excellent numerical results for non-homogeneous BVPs posed in simple geometries and when the source term of the PDE is sufficiently regular. However, for more complex domains or when the source term is piecewise defined, the MFS fails to converge. We overcome this problem by coupling the MFS with Lions non-overlapping domain decomposition method. The proposed technique is tested for the modified Helmholtz PDE with a discontinuous source term, posed in an L-shaped domain.