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Vladas Pipiras

Morada Institucional

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Department of Statistics & Operations Research
Hanes Hall
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Telefone: | Email:


Professor Catedrático, University of North Carolina – Chapell Hill, Estados Unidos


Estatística e Processos Estocásticos


Artigos em Revistas Internacionais

Chaudhuri, R.; Pipiras, Vladas (2016) Semi-stable non-Gaussian limits arising in sampling of finite renewal processes. Bernoulli: 22(2), 1055–1092.
Antunes, Nelson; Pipiras, Vladas (2016) Estimation of Flow Distributions from Sampled Traffic. ACM Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems: 1(3): Article 11, 28.
Helgason, H. ; Kechagias, S. ; Pipiras, Vladas (2016) Convex optimization and feasible circulant matrix embeddings in synthesis of stationary Gaussian fields. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics: 25(4), 1158–1175.
Belenky, V. ; Campbell, B.; Pipiras, Vladas (2016) Application of the envelope peaks over threshold (EPOT) method for probabilistic assessment of dynamic stability. Ocean Engineering: 120, 298–304.
Didier, Gustavo; Pipiras, Vladas (2012) Exponents, Symmetry Groups and Classification of Operator Fractional Brownian Motions. Journal of Theoretical Probability: 25(2), 353-395.
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Donald, S.G.; Fortuna, N.; Pipiras, Vladas (2011) Local and Global Rank Tests for Multivariate Varying-Coefficient Models. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics: 29(2), 295-306.
Antunes, Nelson; Pipiras, Vladas (2011) Probabilistic Sampling of Finite Renewal Processes. Bernoulli: 17(4), 1285-1326.
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Baek, Changryong; Pipiras, Vladas (2010) Estimation of Parameters in Heavy-Tailed Distribution When Its Second Order Tail Parameter is Known. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference: 140(7), 1957-1967.
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Didier, G.; Pipiras, Vladas (2008) Gaussian stationary processes: adaptive wavelet decompositions, discrete approximations and their convergence. Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications : 14, 203-234.
Pipiras, Vladas; Taqqu, M. S. (2008) Small and large scale asymptotics of some Levy stochastic integrals. Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability: 10, 299-314.

Comunicações em Actas de Conferência

Antunes, Nelson; Pipiras, Vladas (2015) Sampling and Censoring in Estimation of Flow Distributions. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC 2015), London, UK, 8-12 June.
Antunes, Nelson; Pipiras, Vladas (2012) Estimation of flow distributions tails from sampled traffic. Proceedings of the IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop 2012 (SSP’12), Ann Arbor, USA, 5 – 8 August.
Antunes, Nelson; Pipiras, Vladas (2012)  Inverting flow durations from sampled traffic. Proceedings of the 24th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC’24), Krakow, Poland, 24 – 29 September.