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Wolfram Bentz

Morada Institucional

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2
1649-003 LISBOA

Telefone: 217904718 | Email:


Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa



Área Principal

Universal Algebra and Semigroup Theory

Outra Área



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Waterloo
  • Master of Science, Simon Fraser University
  • Dipl.-Math., Philipps University Marburg


Artigos em Revistas Internacionais

Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Cameron, P. J. (2018) Orbits of Primitive k-Homogenous Groups on (n?k)-Partitions with Applications to Semigroups . Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Joy Morris (2017) Automorphism Groups of Circulant Digraphs with Applications to Semigroup Theory. Combinatorica.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Gomes, Gracinda M. S. (2017) Congruences on Direct Products of Transformation and Matrix Monoids .  .
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Janusz Konieczny (2016) Directed graphs of inner translations of semigroups. Semigroup Forum.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Peter J. Cameron; Gordon Royle; Artur Schaefer (2016) Primitive groups and synchronization. Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society: 113, 829--867.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Mitchell, James D.; Schneider, Csaba (2015) The rank of the semigroup of transformations stabilising a partition of a finite set.  Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.: 159, 339-353.
Bentz, Wolfram; Davey, Brian; Pitkethly, Jane; Willard, Ross (2014) Dualizability of Automatic Algebras. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra: 218(7), 1324–1345.
Bentz, Wolfram; Sequeira, Luís (2014) Taylor's modularity conjecture holds for linear idempotent varieties. Algebra Universalis: 71(2), 101-107.
Bentz, Wolfram; Mayr, P. (2014) Supernilpotence prevents dualizability. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society: 96(1), 1-24.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Janusz Konieczny (2014) The Commuting Graph of the Symmetric Inverse Semigroup. Israel Journal of Mathematics: 207, 103-149.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Konieczny, Janusz (2014) The largest subsemilattices of the endomorphism monoid of an independence algebra. Linear Algebra and its Applications: 458, 50-79.
Araújo, João; Bentz, Wolfram; Cameron, Peter (2013) Groups synchronizing a transformation of non-uniform kernel. Theoretical Computer Science: 498, 1--9.
Geangu, Elena; Hauf, Petra; Bhardwaj, Rishi; Bentz, Wolfram (2011) Infant Pupil Diameter Changes in Response to Others' Positive and Negative Emotions. PLoS One : 6, e27132.
Bentz, Wolfram (2010) Optimal Packings of 13 and 46 Unit Squares in a Square. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics : 17 (2) , #R126.
Bentz, Wolfram (2007) A Characterization of T3 Separation for a Special Class of Varieties. Algebra Universalis: 56, 399 – 410.
Bentz, Wolfram (2006) A Characterization of Hausdorff Separation for a Special Class of Varieties. Algebra Universalis : 55, 259 – 276.
Bentz, Wolfram (1999) Topological Implications in Varieties. Algebra Universalis: 42, 9 – 16.
Bentz, Wolfram; Bulman-Fleming, Sydney (1999) On Equalizer-flat Acts. Semigroup Forum : 58, 5 – 16.

Outro Informação

Professional Appointments

2014 – present
Investigador Auxiliar and Marie Curie Fellow
Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

2011 – 2014
Investigador Auxiliar and Marie Curie Fellow
Centro de Álgebra da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

2008 – 2011
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

2006 – 2008
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, B.C.,

2005 – 2006
Department of Mathematics
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Derivatives and the "Modularity Conjecture" (2013-01-11) Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa
Seminário para todos: "Milkboxes and their containers: a packing challenge" (2012-05-18) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa


Workshop on Semigroups 2012 (to remember John M. Howie on the occasion of his 76th birthday) Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal, 23-25/05/2012  (Comunicação)