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Maria Kulikova

Institutional Address

Instituto Superior Técnico (IST)
Av. Rovisco Pais 1
1049-001 LISBOA

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Academy Research Fellow, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa


Statistics and Stochastic Processes

Principal Area

Bayesian filtering and parameter estimation

Other Area

system identification; computational statistics


  • 2006  Ph.D. in mathematics, Ulyanovsk State University, Russian Federation.
  • 2001 M.Sc. in mathematics, Ulyanovsk State University, Russian Federation.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): Primary interest: 93E11, 93E35, 65C60; Secondary interest: 93E10, 93E12, 93E24, 93E30

Citations: C-8340-2012: ResearcherID (WoS); 14054196700: Scopus AuthorID; 0000-0001-8470-9831: ORCID; Google Scholar

Peer-Review: 599985: Publons reviewer profile


Papers in International Journals

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Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Kulikova, Maria (2018) Estimation of maneuvering target in the presence of non-Gaussian noise: a coordinated turn case study. Signal Processing: 145, 241-257.
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Semushin, I. V.; Tsyganova, Yu. V.; Kulikova, Maria; Fatyanova, O. A. ; Kondratiev, A. E.  (2011) Adaptive systems of filtering, control and fault detection. Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk: ISBN 978-5-88866-399, 286 pp. (in Russian).

Communications in Conference Proceedings

Kulikova, Maria; Tsyganova, J.V.; Semushin, I.V. (2016) Adaptive wave filtering for marine vessels within UD-based algorithms. Proceedings of European Control Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, 1129-1134.
Semushin, I.V.; Tsyganova, J.V.; Kulikova, Maria; Tsyganov, A.; Peskov, A. (2016) Identification of human body daily temperature dynamics via minimum state prediction error method. Proceedings of European Control Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, 2429-2434.
Kulikova, Maria; Kulikov, Gennady Yu (2016) On computational robustness of accurate continuous-discrete unscented Kalman filtering for target tracking models. Proceedings 15th Annual European Control Conference, ECC 2016, Aalborg, Denmark, July 29 - June 1.
Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Kulikova, Maria (2016) Accurate continuous-discrete extended Kalman filtering for stiff continuous-time stochastic models in chemical engineering.  Proceedings of European Control Conference, Aalborg, Denmark, 1728-1733.
Kulikova, Maria (2015) Square-root adaptive wave filtering for marine vessels. Proceedings of European Control Conference, Linz, Austria, 3143–3148.
Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Kulikova, Maria (2015) State estimation in chemical systems with infrequent measurements. Proceedings of the 2015 European Control Conference (ECC 2015), Linz, Austria, 2688–2693.
Kulikova, Maria; Kulikov, Gennady Yu (2015) A mixed-type accurate continuous-discrete extended-unscented Kalman filter for target tracking. Proceedings of the 2015 European Control Conference (ECC 2015), Linz, Austria, 2824–2829.
Kulikov, Gennady Yu; Kulikova, Maria (2014) Accurate state estimation in the Van der Vusse reaction. Proceedings of the IEEE 2014 Multi-Conference on Systems and Control, Antibes, France, 8-10 October, 759-764.
Kulikova, Maria; Kulikov, Gennady Yu (2013) Square-root accurate continuous-discrete extended Kalman filter for target tracking. Proceedings of the 52-nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, IEEE-CDC 2013, Florence, Italy, 7785-7790.


Kulikova, Maria (2005) Methods of Evaluation of Log Likelihood Function and its Gradient in Kalman Filtering Algorithms. PhD Thesis, Ulyanovsk State University, Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Papers in National Scientific Journals

Kulikova, Maria; Tsyganova, J.V. (2017) Numerically stable Kalman filter implementations for estimating linear pairwise Markov models in the presence of Gaussian noise. Computational Technologies : 22(3), 45-60.
Kulikova, Maria; Kulikov, Gennady Yu (2016) Numerical methods for nonlinear filtering of signals and measurements. Computational Technologies: 21(4), 64-98.