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Rafael Santos

Institutional Address

Universidade do Algarve
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Campus de Gambelas,
8005-139 FARO

Phone: +3512898000007 | Email:


Associate Professor, Universidade do Algarve


Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine

Principal Area

Numerical analysis of EDP

Other Area

Adaptive finite element methods


  • PhD in Mathematics, University of California at San Diego, 1991.


Papers in International Journals

Silva, Telma; Sequeira, Adélia; Santos, Rafael F.; Tiago, Jorge (2016) Existence, uniqueness, stability and asymptotic behaviour of solutions for a mathematical model of atherosclerosis. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems: Series S 9, Issue1, 343 - 362.
Silva, Telma; Sequeira, Adélia; Santos, Rafael F.; Tiago, Jorge (2013) Mathematical modeling of atherosclerotic plaque formation coupled with a non-Newtonian model of blood flow. Conference Papers in Mathematics: 2013, 405914.
Sequeira, Adélia; Santos, Rafael F.; Bodnar, Tomas (2011) Blood Coagulation Dynamics: Mathematical Modeling and Stability Results. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering: 8(2), 425-443.

Papers or Chapters in Edited Books

Fasano, A.; Santos, Rafael F.; Sequeira, Adélia (2012) Blood coagulation: a puzzle for biologists, a maze for mathematicians. Modeling of Physiological Flows, MS&A — Modeling, Simulation and Applications, Springer Milan : 5, 41-75.

Communications in Conference Proceedings

Santos, Rafael F.; Sequeira, Adélia (2014) Time scaling on a reduced blood coagulation model. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering (CMMSE 2014), July 3-7, Rota, Cadiz – Spain.

Papers in National Scientific Journals

Silva, Telma; Sequeira, Adélia; Santos, Rafael F.; Tiago, Jorge (2015) Existence of optimal boundary control for Navier-Stokes with mixed boundary conditions. Portugaliae Mathematica: Volume 72, Issue 2-3, 267–283.