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An Issue of Literacy on Pediatric Arterial Hypertension

Teodoro, Filomena; Carla Simão; Andreia Romana

A publicar em Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, AIP, New York.

Arterial hypertension in pediatric age is a public health problem, whose prevalence has increased significantly over time. Pediatric arterial hypertension (PAH) is under-diagnosed in most cases, a highly prevalent disease, appears without notice with multiple consequences on the children’s health and future adults. Children caregivers and close family must know the PAH
existence, the negative consequences associated with it, the risk factors and, finally, must do prevention. In [12, 13] can be found a statistical data analysis using a simpler questionnaire introduced in [4] under the aim of a preliminary study about PAH caregivers acquaintance. A continuation of such analysis is detailed in [14]. An extension of such questionnaire was built and applied to a distinct population and it was filled online. The statistical approach is partially reproduced in the present work. Some statistical models were estimated using several approaches, namely multivariate analysis (factorial analysis), also adequate methods to analyze the kind of data in study.